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I have always had a love for horses ever since I was seven years old and they have remained a strong influence in my life up until the present day. I have a love for just being around these magnificent creatures and sharing their energy. From a reiki point of view, I am passionate about being able to help build strong relationships between horse and rider, so that both have a clearer understanding of one another and also because I know the huge benefit of having a harmonious relationship with your horse and, how central this is to your own well being.

I have a background of working at a riding school as a groom and hacking lead in South Wales from when I was 13 years old up until I was 20 years old. I regularly helped with the care and riding of friend’s horses up until I bought my own beautiful horse Oscar when I was 23 years old. He stayed a loyal and faithful friend up until his passing. I look back on that relationship and realise how much my beautiful horse had been involved in my own healing and how he had carried me through some of the most challenging times of my life. 

The healing horse is very much dedicated to the loving memory of my horse and all the happy times we spent together. Maigret Coates writes, in her book, 'Horses Talking published in 2005', of how horses are a mirror of who we are as people and how they have so much to teach us about ourselves. Our energies are very much bound to the horses that are connected to our lives. I am interested in building and strengthening relationships between horse and rider with the ultimate aim of being able to help build happy horse/human relationships.

My interest and passion for equine reiki came to me after my own horse Oscar sadly passed away in 2016. I had been for a reiki session as apart of my healing to get over the loss of such a dear and treasured friend. My Reiki practitioner picked up on my love of horses and made the suggestion of training to become an equine reiki practitioner.

I completed my Reiki I and II with Sue Evans at the Inspira Academy in Dinas Powys. My equine reiki courses were successfully completed with Sarah Berrisford at the Epona Equine Reiki Centre in Lincolnshire. I have also completed my reiki drumming masters course, also in Lincolnshire, and plan to use this skill as part of the reiki I offer to horses and eventually humans. I am fully insured
through Towergate insurers and I am DBS checked.

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