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What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced “Ray-key”)  is a     simple Japanese energy-balancing method that is used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. It is most well known as a sort of hands-on treatment technique, and many people have regular Reiki treatments.

Where is Reiki from?

Reiki was developed by a man called  Mikao Usui in the early 1900’s in Japan and people use Reiki for self-healing, for spiritual or self-development and to treat others.

Reiki is not a religion

Bring things into balance with Reiki Treatments

Receiving Reiki is a simple process.  The Equine Reiki Practitioner will decide whether to treat your horse tied up, free in the stable or sometimes over the stable door. The practitioner will either lay their hands on the horse's body or from a space away, depending on how the horse wishes to receive the energy.

During the treatment, energy (called ‘chi’) is drawn through the practitioner into the recipient, helping to produce a state of balance.

How might my horse react?

The great thing about using Reiki on horses is that you can ‘see’ it working. Your horse will most likely relax, lick his lips, lower his head and neck and pass wind. Some horses will lie down to sleep. Different types of horses can react in different ways, for example, youngsters may not show as many signs of relaxation during their first treatment as an older horse may, however, the young horse will often lie down to sleep after the treatment when he is alone.

No matter what the reaction, Reiki is giving your horse what he/she needs.

What can Reiki do for your horse?

Anyone can benefit from a course of Reiki treatments, regardless of age or state of health, and beneficial changes can take place over a fairly short space of time.  Below are some of the problems or areas that I and others have found Reiki to help with: 


  • Physical Injuries (tendons/ ligaments etc)   

  • Sweet Itch

  • Laminitis

  • Colic            

  • Box walking

  • Competition stress (for horse and rider!)            

  • Performance  

  • Wind sucking      

  • Cribbing        

  • Owner horse relationship        

  • Loading problems                

  • Appetite loss                                                        

  • Separation Anxiety  

  • End of life

Equine reiki can also be used to balance the horse's chakras, which are the energy centres situated throughout the horse's body. If any of these chakras are imbalanced they may manifest into physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues for the horse. Please follow the links to gain a greater understanding of what chakras are, where they are located in the body and how imbalances may affect the health and well being of the horse.

The Blissful Horses Chakra System

Horse Shaman

Equine Wellness 

I am trained in the reiki drum healing and journeying technique and I am able to include this in an equine reiki package to meet the individual healing needs of your horse. 


What is Drumming?

“ Drumming for healing and meditation is an ancient practice, the power of sound over the body and spirit is well known in tribal cultures.

In shamanic medicine drumming, the sound and energy of the drum can be used in many ways, shamans use drumming for sacred occasions of all kinds and for journeying from our world to a non- ordinary reality. The practice can be very intense and powerful. However, it does not have the protective and gentle energy of reiki. When we combine the practice of shamanic drumming with the energy of reiki, we have a powerful yet gentle healing model: the reiki drum technique”

Source “Reiki drum master practitioner manual” by Sarah Berrisford 2012

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